Are You Getting Enough Patient Referrals?

In a recent survey, 88% of dentists identified “referrals from current patients” as their most successful marketing method.  But asking for referrals remains a big challenge for many dental care professionals. Some dental practices feel uncomfortable asking for a referral, while others just don’t make it a priority.  

Here’s a simple hack to kickstart your patient referrals:

Use a personalized, branded video that asks for referrals on your behalf.  

This pre-recorded video will express how important referrals are to you and how much you value your patients’ loyalty.  These videos are engaging, personable and can be easily integrated into your automated appointment software or sent via text or email.  

Integrate this simple hack into your tool box and see your happy patients become your best source of referrals.  Remember: when it comes to referrals, your patients’ opinions have power.

Want to view a sample patient referral video?


About the Author


Founder of My Video Guru – a video production agency that creates personalized marketing and customer care videos for dental practices.