A New Way To Connect With Dental Care Patients.

Visit 10 dental practice websites and you’re likely to see the same templates, colors, styles, text and even photos.  And most slogans have something to do with “Smile”. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, if you’re trying to engage with patients and make your practice stand out from the crowd, looking like every other practice is not the way to go.

Here are three simple ways to use video to connect with patients and set your practice apart:

Surprise your patients.  Who thinks going to the dentist is a fun, humorous way to spend an hour or two?   Using humor in your social media posts, blogs, and practice decor will help set your customers at ease and lighten the mood.  Have a little fun and see how humor can start some interesting conversations!

People don’t connect over slogans and pithy sayings. They connect through sharing feelings, goals and aspirations like every other human being.  Sharing inspirational materials on social media will engage your audience in a more personal way that makes you more memorable and approachable.

Patients come to you because they have a need. They make a conscious choice.  They could have chosen any other dentist but they chose you. Saying a sincere “Thank You” is critical to retaining clients and earning their referrals.  

Sometimes we look for the silver bullet or magic words that will give us explosive growth we want to achieve.  Successful customer care is a combination of many factors working together, but it starts by doing a few simple things well consistently.  


About the Author


Founder of My Video Guru – a video production agency that creates personalized marketing and customer care videos for dental practices.